Equality Statements



 Icebreakers is committed to providing an environment where gay and bisexual men can meet each other free of discrimination on any grounds (including their race, colour, culture, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, marital status, partnership status,  or responsibility for children / dependants, disability, age, religious or philosophical beliefs, HIV status, physical appearance or class).

 We will challenge any discrimination found within our group and if needs be we will take action to sanction those who practise discrimination.  This could be a verbal warning or an expulsion from the group - depending on the judgment of the volunteers on duty.





 Icebreakers is committed to providing equality of opportunity in all its activities, and will ensure, to the best of our abilities, that all volunteers and service users are not disadvantaged on any of the following grounds: 

 Volunteer Recruitment :

 Icebreakers intends to be an excellent equal opportunities group, and seeks to be known as such to attract the best volunteer candidates from all sections of the community.  Icebreakers ensures that all volunteers are recruited on the basis of actual and potential ability and personal skills.

 Exceptions to this policy are those permitted by law, as when a person's gender or sexuality is a Genuine Occupational Qualification for a task.